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Before beginning, I must warn you that the testimony my mother and I are about to share is extremely disturbing! Many of you will not be able to accept the information as truth, and that is because our society has been lulled to sleep by powerful people seeking to fulfill a demonic agenda. I ask you to please keep an open mind – this will necessitate you coming out of your comfort zone. Yahweh wants me to share this experience so that other victims may realize His power to heal!

Furthermore, I encourage you to do your own research. Learn as much as you can about how these secret societies operate, in particular with regards to this subject. Some of you may be victims of their schemes and not know it, as I was. It was through Almighty Yahweh’s mercy and the POWER of the Holy Spirit that I have overcome what was done to me!

I knew in 2011, after I shared my first testimony about demonic possession, there would be no turning back. That information would now be accessible in the digital realm and anyone would be privy to those details. The thought of disclosing so much about myself was initially frightening, but I knew it had to be done in order to help others.

It is now 2013 and I am facing the same scenario. However, this time there is no fear – only a loss for the right words. I have been absolutely stunned by what Yahweh has shown me.

Part of my mother’s and my quickening process in our walk with Yahushua has been learning uncomfortable truths. The world around us was not what I thought it was. I especially learned how all sectors of society, in particular world-governments, are controlled by satanic forces.

Last year, the Holy Spirit led my mother and I to several testimonies and literature about Monarch Mind Control (I will include some of those links at the bottom of this writing). We were so horrified by what we read and especially because these accounts were confirmed as true, by the Holy Spirit. It was difficult to fathom that such calculating evil exists.

What follows is information we have uncovered. Again, please be advised that you will be very uncomfortable reading this testimony.


There is a vast network of serpent-seed (Satan’s offspring) groups, such as the Illuminati, who enslave people, via mind control methods, early in their lives. These people are programed for various ‘missions.’ In essence, these individuals become sleeper agents, which is a theme often flaunted in movies and television shows (Satan’s communication outlets). There are various means by which unsuspecting people, young and old, are caught up in this demonic, predatory system. These serpent ‘handlers’ utilize places such as daycare centers to indoctrinate their victims. These daycares can be operated out of a home, or an organization – including those run in military bases and churches.

Please consider the following scenarios. Satan has pushed our society to become ‘worker bees.’ So much so that men and women work the same long hours and are dependent on stop gap solutions. But, this has been the enemy’s plan all along:

1. Increase individual/family debt (mortgages, student loans, credit cards, etc.)

2. Promote a sense of self worth through status (promotions, pay raises, etc.)

3. Force both parents to work

4. Children dumped in daycares or with nannies

5. Children subjected to thought patterns and belief systems that conflict with those of their upbringing, which are often under the guise of entertainment

Guess where Satanists love to target children? Do I need to spell out how vulnerable kids are in these institutions? These wolves in sheep’s clothing can use hypnotism techniques and demonic incantations to make a child forget whatever they have witnessed or endured. Those children are then spiritually marked as easy prey for future atrocities.


Here is another scenario to consider. When those kids mature they are then exposed to military recruitment ads that promise a good life. They believe they will be cared for financially, physically and psychologically, as long as they sign on the dotted line and sacrifice years of their adulthood. Perhaps they join for patriotic reasons as well, but the point is that the government is waiting for them with open arms.

What do you, personally, know about our United States military? Set aside the flag waving and patriotic hymns in order to consider their layers of secrecy. Did you know that as a national organization, the U.S. military has the HIGHEST incidents of rape in the country? Imagine learning about thousands of rapes occurring within Apple Inc. every year. People would be in an uproar and activists would line the streets of every Apple store in the U.S. demanding action be taken. Their products would be boycotted! So, why does our military get away with it? Sure, every now and again the top brass hang a scapegoat out to dry, but it is all for show.

What do you know about programs such as Black Ops, NASA, and their ties to secret societies? Have you ever noticed they use the same insignia and imagery as the occult societies of Freemasonry, Knights Templar, and Jesuits (to name a few)? It is for a reason that the military tells the public it is in the interest of national security to keep their inner workings private!

Consider the Paper Clip Program, the Office of Strategic (OSS) program used to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment by the United States in the aftermath of World War ll (1939–45). The truth is that our U.S. government and military never terminated their Top Secret operations under this program. These Nazi scientists’ mission was to harness the technology they had already manifested in Germany and used against their victims. In addition, they joined forces with the U.S. to continue conducting some of the same human experiments that were done under Hitler’s command. The American government has been turning people into ‘super soldiers’ and Monarch Slaves for decades. Have you ever wondered why many of the most notorious serial killers and American terrorists are military veterans? Many of them were unwittingly programmed during their enlistment. They were the perfect Manchurian Candidates. Wake up, people! The stuff we see in movies and television shows is real. The enemy uses ‘entertainment’ to mock us!

I should be well acquainted with this theme because, as I recently uncovered, I was one of their Monarch (MK Ultra) victims. In my Author Profile I shared that prior to accepting Yahushua in my life, I served four years in active duty Army. I was stationed in the Presidio of Monterey (CA), San Angelo AFB (TX), Fort Huachuca (AZ), and Fort Drum (NY).


Before I delve into my testimony please allow me to share how this revelation came about. As I mentioned, part of the Holy Spirit’s quickening led me to testimonies and research from Monarch survivors. I was horrified by what I read and felt such deep empathy for what these people had gone through. Simultaneously, the Holy Spirit was teaching me about how the same programming methods are used to control recording artists and actors, who in-turn communicate satanic ideologies to unsuspecting masses. Britney Spears happens to be one of the most famous cases of this mind control network and unfortunately, her public meltdown was written off as bi-polar disorder. This is a common misdiagnosis, as well as schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders that doctors, many of whom are agents for the ‘handlers,’ will use.

Shortly after being educated about Monarch programming, I began saying the following prayer on a daily basis:

“Father Yahweh, in Yahushua’s name, I pray for the victims of mind control, satanic ritual abuse and the abductees of demonic bases around the world and universe. In Yahushua’s name, I ask that you provide these victims with an opportunity to break free from their programming, handlers, torturers and kidnappers. Let them know and understand your love for them through Yahushua.” (See important update about this prayer at bottom of post)

I have been praying those words faithfully, for several months, without realizing that I was praying for myself. This past week I received the second most shocking revelation of my life. Yahweh had been gently preparing me for my final deliverance, which took place on December 31st, 2012. This was a highly symbolic move on Yahweh’s part because He was letting me know 2013 would be a fresh start, on many levels.

Please bear with me for the next few minutes as I walk you through my testimony and provide adequate context. I will relay everything chronologically to illustrate how Yahweh prepared me for what occurred.

On November 25th, Yahushua appeared to me in a dream. It was a long and very involved dream, which I may share at another time. However, what stood out was at the end of it Yahushua told me He was preparing me for the Holy of Holies (the most sacred area of His Temple). I awakened with incredible excitement and a hunger to learn everything possible about Yahweh’s heavenly temple. I did not yet fully grasp the implications of my dream.

On December 15th, Yahushua appeared to me a second time. In the dream, I was sitting on a bench, inside an office, waiting to meet Him. There was a great feeling of expectation in the air and I could hardly contain myself. Across from me was an office with glass walls. Inside were dozens of TV monitors. In the center of the room was a large flat screen TV that was displaying a picture of Britney Spears. I was disappointed in seeing her because it felt like her presence defiled the environment! A white brilliance appeared next to me that emanated warmth, and with every fiber of my being I knew it was Yahushua. He said my name and a soft breeze enveloped me. He told me not to be distracted and to remain focused on Him. Upon awakening and reflecting on the dream, I was puzzled by what He meant, but also had a renewed determination to seek Him diligently.

On the evening of December 17th, I prayed my usual prayers and asked Yahweh to use my spirit for His will while I slept. There have been times when He has used my spirit to defend others from demonic attacks. However, this night would be different. Unbeknownst to me I was on the cusp of a major battle against a very powerful demon who calls herself Jezebel (click here for more information).

Throughout my walk with Yahushua, Jezebel is the one demon who has persisted despite several attempts to expunge her from my life. She has manifested in various ways via perverse sexual dreams, outbursts of anger, and bouts of depression. She has often appeared in my dreams as a sales woman enticing me to purchase a green wedding gown, (green is Satan’s color) as opposed to a pure white wedding gown. I am sure you can piece together the biblical symbolism being represented in those exchanges.

On this particular occasion the proverbial ‘gloves came off.’ My dream began with me inside an orphanage for abused children, and found myself casting out demons from the premises. A sense of fear came over me as I felt an overwhelming evil presence closing in. But, I stood my ground and began yelling out prayers in order to draw out the chief demon. Half way through this exercise an incredibly powerful demon manifested in the room. I could not see it, but I could feel its evil presence around me.

The demon shot across the room and lifted me up by my arms and what happened next was incredibly surreal. I actually woke up and saw/felt myself being pulled out of my bed by my arms. In my mind I called out to Yahushua to help me. Immediately, the demon and I tumbled back into my dream where the struggle continued. In the dream, my mother appeared in the room with us and warned me that this demon was in me. I ignored her and continued praying, hoping that I could quickly get rid of this entity.

Instead, I followed my mother into a hallway. I felt an evil presence inside of me and caught it just in time to avert this thing’s claw lashing out at her. The claw had shot out from my chest and tried to grab a hold of my mother, so, I turned in the opposite direction and crashed into a wall. I then began to levitate; I could feel this demon attempting to crawl up out of my mouth to go after my mother again. This time, I began verbally binding myself with prayer in order to render this entity powerless. It was around that time I awakened feeling exhausted.

The next day the Holy Spirit confirmed through my mother’s anointing that I had fought directly against Jezebel and overcame her. This was a HUGE accomplishment that was made possible by Yahushua. I was so happy because I believed my dealings with Jezebel were over. However, as I soon came to realize, Yahweh was still preparing me for a future, climatic event.

Before I continue, let me share some insight as to how this Jezebel entity was using me to attack my mother. Just shortly after my mother’s arrival to spend some time with me, my demeanor towards her became one of hostility and defiance. Over a period of weeks the Holy Spirit would select prayers for her to give me, and Jezebel was the recurring entity I would battle. My mom was keenly aware something was amiss. It was through this opening in my spiritual hedge of protection that other powerful nasty demons would attempt to attack her. However, one of her spiritual gifts is discernment of spirits, and thus she would be alerted and led immediately to warfare prayers. She would also be given specific prayers for me.

December 28th, I dreamt that I was on Mars chasing an alien who was disguised in a woman’s body. Her legs bent backwards, which allowed her to jump further in a low-gravity atmosphere (similar to the aliens depicted in the movie, The Arrival). I followed her into a cave and then woke up.

On December 29th , I found myself in a general state of agitation the entire day. I was cold and aloof toward my mother, for no apparent reason. Internally, I was fighting the urge to lash out at her. I could not understand why I was experiencing these negative emotions even after I prayed for deliverance. It seemed like no matter how much I rebuked the demons that were causing the affliction, they were still lingering. The only explanation that seemed to fit my ‘symptoms’ was that the Jezebel spirit was back and she brought along a few of her friends.

Throughout December 30th, those negative emotions and thoughts persisted. I remained locked in my room sulking and angry. As the day progressed I was also hit with sudden urges to kill myself. It was not until that evening that I finally managed to stumble through the Our Father prayer. I cried and begged Yahweh to show me the truth about what was afflicting me. I absolutely could not take any more. Unbeknownst to me, my mother had been fasting and had also petitioned Yahweh, through scriptural-based prayers, for my deliverance.

That evening, Yahweh answered my prayer through a dream. It was actually a flash back to a repressed memory, as He later confirmed. See below.

A man was driving a red car and I was in the passenger seat. He was attempting to follow railroad tracks, but he couldn’t quite line up his wheels straight so, the car tipped over. We got out and I told him we would have to pick up the car and lay it straight on the tracks. It felt as though the car weighed nothing and we easily lifted it onto the train tracks. When the guy started driving again I was instructing him on how to keep us on the tracks smoothly, which seemed to work. (I believe this was somehow a metaphor for the method in which I was transported to the lab).

The scene switched and I was in a hospital. This time I was with a different man. We were running from evil hospital workers and I was really concerned with keeping him safe. I grabbed him by the arm, pushed him into an office and then shut the door behind us. I realized I was wearing nurse’s pants and shoes and to avoid being noticed I took advantage of the situation and pretended to be a nurse.

The pursuers passed by the office the first time and didn’t notice us. But, the second time they passed by they knew we were in there (along with other people I recognized). I saw two hospital bodyguards grab a young woman and drag her to our hiding spot. She had the appearance of being in a drugged induced state and lethargic. They pushed her into the office. She calmly looked around and then pointed her finger at someone who was hiding amongst us and she said, “There he is.”

The girl was pulled out of the room and I watched as they dragged her to a basement laboratory located under the room I was in. I could see everything they were doing to her, as though I were looking through a glass floor. They forced her into a very large, rectangular, plexi-glass container filled with water. She was struggling as they began to tie her down, but she was too weak to fight. She was trying very hard to communicate with her eyes, using Morse Code, to warn us to “get out.”

The scene changed and I was suddenly in the body of the young woman. Except, I knew it had actually been me the entire time. I was fully immersed in water – inside the same container. I immediately sensed there were tubes in my nostrils and that I was wearing goggles. I looked around and realized I was in a laboratory/office with white walls and lots of medical equipment lying around. There was a woman who was sitting at her computer off to my left. As I was looking at her, water seeped into my goggles and I began to panic. I remember Yahweh speaking to my spirit and saying “The Kingdom of Yahweh is not of this world.” That utterance momentarily calmed me down. But, I started banging on the side and top of the container to get the woman’s attention.

She ran over to me, with a slightly concerned look. Somehow (telepathy?) I communicated to her that my goggles were filling up with water. She said, “Okay” and refastened them for me. I smiled at her and said, “Thank you for being so nice to me, I know you don’t have to be.” Her puzzled look showed that she was caught off-guard with my comment. Then she said, “I haven’t been nice to you.” Next, she closed the lid of the container and sealed me in again. A feeling of anguish and extreme claustrophobia swept through me as I realized I was trapped. I closed my eyes and felt myself ‘drifting’ back into reality.” 

As I was awakening, I could still feel the residual effect of the tubes in my nose. I reached up to see if I could pull them out. It took me several seconds to register I was back in my room. The despair I felt was so overwhelming that I got out of bed, knelt down and began to sob while I was praying. I was convinced that I had just witnessed a matrix where my body was being stored. This experience led me to believe that my waking up in the room was an illusion and my being in the water container was reality!

I tried to go back to sleep and prayed for Father Yahweh to show me the truth about what I witnessed. If I was being stored in a container somewhere then I wanted to go back. I prayed that one of two things would happen:

1. Yahweh would allow me to unplug myself from the breathing tubes and die peacefully

2. Yahweh would allow me to escape and help others who were trapped in this matrix

As I closed my eyes, I was filled with the urge to return and fight for Yahushua, under the power of the Holy Spirit to help others I sensed were trapped there. So overwhelming was this ‘matrix experience’ that I decided to leave my mother a goodbye note in the event I disappeared from this world. On one side the note read, “I love you, Mom! The matrix is real. Be strong.” And on the other side it read, “I will try and come back for you. I have to find you on the other side first. Yah willing!” 

I cannot stress enough how REAL this dream felt. I was so disoriented that I went for a walk to gather my thoughts. I asked Yahweh to show me a sign if this world was an implanted delusion. At any moment, I fully expected the clouds, trees, grass and street to disappear and be replaced by white laboratory walls.

My mother soon confirmed, through her spiritual anointing, that Yahweh allowed me to experience a repressed memory. She also gave me the following information, which will be explained shortly:

  • I was originally abducted from the Presidio of Monterey Defense Language Institute, where I was stationed for six months (after conducting research this week I learned there are reports of an underground facility).
  • From the Presidio, I was transported to a base on Mars (jump gates are real folks!) for experimentation purposes and implementation of Monarch Programing. I do not know the full extent of these experiments, nor do I care to recover those memories.
  • I had two handlers – male and female. The male was definitely a military officer, but I do not know what he looks like. The female may have been a civilian. I have seen her face in at least two dreams.
  • The ‘openings’ created by the fracturing of my mind were what allowed Jezebel access to me repeatedly. She could easily hide, despite my repeated attempts to draw her out.
  • The tubes in my nose were injecting chemicals into my brain.
  • The progress of dreams were preparing me for the Monarch revelation:
    • Yahushua said He was preparing me for the Holy of Holies. He was ready to free my mind from its spiritual bondage.
    • Yahushua used an image of Britney Spears to indicate my connection with mind control. He was telling me to stay focused on Him – knowing that I would soon face some frightening information.
    • My first flash back may have been me chasing the alien in my dream. I immediately recognized I was on Mars. This insight would later help me piece together to where I was abducted.
    • Yahushua gave me the power to overcome Jezebel and tear down the strongholds in my mind. This was a necessary prerequisite for gaining access to a repressed memory.
    • Yahweh revealed the extent and origin of my mind control. He allowed me to experience enough shock to know it was real, but He was in control the entire time (as evidenced through His utterance).

The Holy Spirit also confirmed the military was not the first time I was manipulated. As I referenced at the beginning of this writing, daycare centers are a magnet for Satanists who ‘mark’ their victims for the purpose of control through demonic entities. The Holy Spirit revealed that when I was four years old, I was offered up to Satan in a ritual at a daycare facility I attended everyday. This revelation now explained for my mother a situation that occurred while I had been under their care. She explains below:

“My husband and I stopped taking JT to this daycare because we noticed a cut across her arm. The workers were unable to provide a satisfactory reason for such a noticeable cut. We immediately pulled her out of the facility without the proper two-week notice and thus were sued for the remainder payment. It was during court proceedings, as we waited our turn, that we learned of other disgruntled parents that had used this daycare.”

There were many instances during my childhood leading up to my adulthood in which I would do and say evil things and could not understand why. Suicidal thoughts often occupied my mind and at times I drummed up the courage to write my parents about it. One of the programs used by Monarch Mind Control is that of suicide, because it can easily be triggered by certain key word(s). The enemy wanted my soul and through this programming he kept me from learning the truth about Yahushua’s plan of Salvation. Please read the following letter that I wrote when I was ten years old. I believe it captures some of the anguish I felt, but could not explain:

Childhood Letter (<–Original)

Typed Copy of Original Letter

On the same day I had my dream my mother also had a very telling dream. This is how Yahweh often communicates something important. You can see how hers supports what I experienced. Below is her testimony!

“In my dream, I was at a mall attending a wedding. The wedding party, with the exception of the bride and groom, were gathered at the second floor, which overlooked the atrium below. A young disheveled lady appeared in the atrium, looked-up to our floor, and fired several shots that instantly killed the bride’s grandparents standing next to me. She then turned her attention to the groom behind her and shot him, killing him as well. The bride at this point was on her knees pleading for her life. The young woman pointed at her head and shot her between the eyes.

The people around me were scared and in a panic. A gentleman nearby had a gun but he was afraid to shoot at the murderer for fear of being killed, since it appeared the perpetrator was a ‘sharp shooter.’ I walked over to the man and grabbed the gun, headed to the edge of the overhang, and shot towards the woman. She was too fast for me and escaped the shot. Although I could not see them I knew there were several people that escorted her to an exit located in the back of the atrium. These same people began to escort the bridal party out. I knew whom these people were, and that they were behind the shooting. In my dream I knew they were Illuminati and wanted them to know that I knew who they were. I therefore approached a microphone/intercom by the elevator and in a loud voice slowly spoke into it saying, “Monarch …….” In the dream I reminded myself not to forget the word ‘Monarch’ so when I awakened it was the first thing that came to my mind. However, I could not remember the second word.

“That morning I shared what I experienced with JT and we were stunned at how it explained her dream as well. We both soon learned that Yahweh had given me insight with regards to JT’s Monarch programming with the word ‘Monarch.’ Also of interest are the similarities of the young woman in our dreams. The Holy Spirit then selected prayers and Psalms and had me stand in the gap for JT to tear down this network of programming in her psyche. These prayers are posted at the end for your viewing.”

 For those who have read my 2011 testimony you know that Yahweh awakened me to evil FIRST. He removed the veil from my eyes and allowed me to see that this world is not what it seems. It was through those horrible experiences that I found Him. And I have not looked back since! Yahweh is my Father and Yahushua is my King. They will never leave or forsake me so long as I stay focused on them. 


Monarch deprogramming is extremely dangerous! It sometimes takes years for a person to be freed from mind control. Only those doctors (psychologists, etc.) who follow Yahushua and are guided by His Holy Spirit can be successful treating their patients. At times, like in my case, He will directly intervene!

If you suspect that you have been a victim of this sinister program then please turn your life over to YAHUSHUA. He can help you and heal you, as He did with me. If you are ready to trust in His power then please visit my writing entitled To Accept Yahushua






Covert Military Bases

[Please use caution when reading these sites! Not all information contained within is 100% accurate. Ask the Holy Spirit to keep you on track with His truth.]






*It is important to note that I relied on Yahweh to heal me and not modern medicine, or new-age techniques.




Prayers & Songs Yahweh Selected for My Deliverance

Psalm 107: Let the Redeemed of Yahweh Say So

From the book Prayers that Rout Demons:

Confessions (pg. 5)

  • JT is redeemed from spiritual death
  • JT overcomes all because greater is He that is in her than he that is in the world
  • JT is delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of Yahweh’s dear Son
  • JT is blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Yahushua
  • JT is the righteousness of Yahweh in Yahushua
  • JT will dwell in the secret place of the Most High, and she abides under the shadow of the Almighty

Prayers Releasing the Fire of Yahweh (pg. 18)

  • Baptize JT with the Holy Ghost and Fire
  • Deliver JT with your Fire

Prayers to Command the Morning, the Day and the Night (pg. 19)

  • Let your light break forth in JT’s life as the morning

Prayers to Release the Arm of Yahweh (pg. 30)

  • Stretch out your arm and deliver JT, and rid her of all bondage

Releasing the Power of Yahweh (pg. 31)

  • Scatter the enemy by your power
  • JT is strong in Yahweh and in the power of His might

Speaking to Mountains (pg. 43)

  • I speak to every mountain in JT’s life and command it to be removed and cast into the sea
  • I prophesy to the mountains and command them to hear the Word of Yahweh and be removed

Prayers for Gates (pg. 54)

  • Let the gate of the fountain (represents the flow of the Holy Spirit) be repaired
  • Let the sheep gate (represents the apostolic) be repaired
  • Let the dung gate (represents deliverance) be repaired
  • Let the east gate (represents the glory) be repaired
  • Let the waters flow through the utter gate into JT’s life, past her ankles, past her loins, and past her neck
  • Make JT’s gates of carbuncles
  • JT’s gates will open continually to receive blessings

Closing Breaches and Hedges (pg. 61)

  • I close up any breach in JT’s life that would give satan and demons access in the name of Yahushua
  • I pray for every broken hedge in JT’s life to be restored in the name of Yahushua

Destroying Yokes and Burdens (pg. 63)

  • Let your anointing break the enemy’s burden from off JT’s neck, and let every yoke be delivered
  • Yahweh, break the yoke of the enemy’s burden, and break the staff and the rod of the oppressor as in the day of Midian

Binding and Loosing (pg. 101)

  • I have the keys to the kingdom, and whatever is bound in heaven I bind on earth, and whatever is loosed in heaven is loosed on earth
  • Let the prisoners be loosed
  • I loose JT’s neck from all bands

Prayers for Souls (pg. 103)

  • Yahweh, You have delivered JT’s soul from death and her feet from falling
  • Preserve JT’s soul for she is holy
  • JT’s soul has escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler*
  • JT’s soul will be joyful in Yahweh. You have covered her with the garments of salvation and the robe of righteousness

Psalm 92: How Great Are Your Works

Psalm 116: I Love Yahweh

Psalm 119: Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet

Psalm 129: They Have Afflicted Me From my Youth

Closing Psalm 145: Great is Yahweh


I Am Redeemed


How He Loves Us (Substitute with ‘Me’)


Mighty To Save


*Below is an excerpt from my dream on December 27th, which corresponds to my soul escaping as a bird (referenced above):

I went to the basement and saw a birdcage with a little cockateel inside. I asked an older woman who was there if I could play with the bird. She said yes, and opened the cage. But, when the bird was free it flew outside and disappeared.

Final Note: I have also had dreams involving two other people that were stationed with me in Monterey, California. One of those included an assassination mission and the other included space travel. The Holy Spirit confirmed that these individuals (JM and SN) were part of the same program as me. They are not yet believers in Yahushua, but I pray when the time is right they will be led to this writing.

UPDATE (1/14/13): I must warn you NOT to repeat the prayer about helping victims of mind control. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that this prayer opens people up to demons. The only reason Yahweh allowed me to say them was because I was an unsuspecting victim. But, when I was delivered I should have stopped saying them. For those of you familiar with territorial warfare this prayer is akin to stepping into the enemy’s domain and challenging them to a fight, without Yahweh’s protection. It is only by Yah’s grace and faithfulness that I did not make things worse for myself.