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YES, HE WAS MARRIED! (but not to Mary Magdalene)

 At this point if you are offended by the answer given, you need to remove yourself from reading the remainder of this article – it is written for those who are seeking truths. You have a right not to believe and continue on your merry way. If, on the other hand, you are willing to come out of your comfort zone and out of the religious box that your mind has been entrapped in, then by all means accept my invitation to read the information given to me by YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT. I will tell you why He was married, who He married, their ages when they married, and how long they were married, and how YAHWEH had His hand in this beautiful union. Again, you must pull yourself out of preconceived notions and ask YAHWEH to help you remove any spiritual veils that would block your understanding.

For many there is one obstacle which might hinder you from seeing this truth, that being a human weakness called, cognitive dissonance, which is a reluctance to consider any idea that conflicts with a previously held belief. Christians in particular, cling devotedly to politically motivated doctrines from medieval ages that contradict clear Bible statements. It is difficult for anyone to consider notions that conflict with religious programming. Yet, in this end-time period, that will be necessary in order for the HOLY SPIRIT to bring you new insights, if you allow Him to.


Several months ago, YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT began revealing to me information concerning YAHUSHUA’s earlier life while on earth. In a recent post, BIBLE LIES 7: WHAT HAPPENED TO JOSEPH?I made known my reluctance in sharing revelations concerning YAHUSHUA’s early life because I felt it would not be well received. The HOLY SPIRIT indicated it was up to me whether to disclose it or not. Through much prayer, fasting, reconfirming the information with the HOLY SPIRIT many times, any doubts that lingered were removed and replaced with clarity and understanding. I thank YAHUSHUA for trusting me with this information and for the HOLY SPIRIT’s patience.

I decided to publish part of these revelations for one reason only, and that is because Satan’s twin sister, Lilith, who was Sofia the Spirit of Wisdom, does not want this information to be known. As I stated in previous posts, she hates YAHUSHUA and His Mother Myriam with an indescribable passion, and equally so, YAHUSHUA hates her more than He does Satan. There is a reason for this hatred and it is related to YAHWEH’s heavenly Kingdom, and thus will be the part of the revelations that I will not share with you. I will leave that up to the Two Witnesses (Rev. 11) to divulge when they make their appearance on the world stage during the Great Tribulation period. Suffice it to say that ‘religion’ does not even come close to representing the reality of YAHWEH’s Kingdom! 

Please take note of the Scripture below of which YAHUSHUA tells his trusted disciples that they are not spiritually ready to know more things and that they must trust the HOLY SPIRIT for truths when the time comes: 

John 16:12-14:  “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.  How be it when He, the SPIRIT of Truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will shew you things to come.  He shall glorify Me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall shew it unto you.”

Also, the following Scriptures speak to YAHWEH unsealing His Words to reveal His Knowledge kept hidden until these end times:

Dan.12:4: “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

Dan.12:9: “And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

If you are one who believes that the Bible is flawless and is the only source from which to attain biblical knowledge then you need to read the post, BIBLE LIES PART 5: SHAKESPEARE IN THE BIBLE, for irrefutable proof that the Bible has been manipulated. I also recommend that you read the rest of the Bible Lies series on my website. We are supposed to rely only on YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT for guidance and truths and to help us read our Bibles! To think that man, who is severely flawed, did not have a hand in polluting the Bible is ignorance to the highest degree! Anyone, including church leaders that tell you otherwise, are wolves in sheep’s clothing or have fallen under the spell of demonic forces.


In accordance to 1 John 4:1-3, I tested the SPIRIT many times, and each time He testified that YAHUSHUA, Son of Almighty God YAHWEH, “Came to earth in the flesh.” Therefore, it was YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT who communicated these revelations to me.

Why is it that YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT is the only Spirit that can acknowledge that YAHUSHUA “Came to earth in the flesh?” Simply put, Satan, in order to solicit support for his rebellion against YAHWEH, enticed the angelic realm with the lie (John 8:44) that he would give them the ability to come to earth in the flesh to experience sensual manifestations. That did not happen – the only way they can attain this is through demonic possession of an individual, or if YAHWEH puts them in flesh to be judged along with mankind. Therefore, seeing that YAHWEH made it so for His chosen One, the Anointed Messiah, these now fallen angels refuse to acknowledge what they cannot have. It is in a sense a ‘built-in’ safety feature that YAHWEH decreed to protect us from deceiving spirits.


In the name of YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH, I rebuke anyone who condemns me for writing this truth. You have a right not to believe what I will share; however, be very careful you DO NOT speak ill of what I share, for by doing so, you are insulting YAHWEH’S HOLY SPIRIT. You have two choices the way I see it: you read and do not believe and go on your merry way, or, you seek YAHWEH in humility and sincerity to confirm the information for you. There are some of you (who are indwelled with the HOLY SPIRIT and whose prophetic flow is not blocked), the HOLY SPIRIT will immediately confirm for you, as He has already done with previous posts.



Let me make something clear. The rebellion that took place in YAHWEH’s Kingdom was much, much more involved than just Satan’s pride causing him to fall from grace! As I have shared in other recent writings it was a Trio involved in staging the rebellion: Abaddon (Apollyon), Lilith, and Satan. Abaddon was the puppet master, and Sofia (Lilith) who was the original Spirit of Wisdom, put together the plan. Satan was the agent in charge of ‘selling’ the deception (Ezekiel 28:16). The Trio were part of heaven’s Royal Court and headed up its’ elite military, also known as the Cherubim. This mutiny took place over a long period of time (millions of years in our time measurement) and was carefully planned. YAHWEH, who is always in control, allowed this revolt to take place. Why? Because all His created beings have free will – they are not programmed to obey Him. YAHWEH knows the end from the beginning, and thus this revolt serves as testimony  to the angels, Royal Families, and other creations, the consequences of evil. The events that have taken place since the rebellion will serve YAHWEH on Judgment Day when He punishes the guilty. In the end, YAHWEH will be glorified!


The following is very important to grasp. YAHUSHUA set His glory aside when He incarnated in the flesh. He was deep undercover with His memory temporarily suspended. That means that He took on our nature and was subject to all that we experience on earth. For example, He had to suckle at His mother’s breast for nourishment; His basic biological needs tended to; He had to be protected from the elements (cold, heat, rain).

As a child He played with other children, and as a young adult He would have partaken in the same activities as other young men His age thus having no ‘supernatural powers’ that would set Him apart. Keep in mind that Satan and Lilith were patiently waiting for this prophesized Messiah to be born (Gen.3:15, Mi.2:13, Ps.80:17, Ps.45:7) in order to destroy Him, so why would YAHWEH allow YAHUSHUA to bring attention to Himself before His ordained public ministry?

This would explain why His own family (John 7:5) and townspeople (Luke 4:16-32 ) from Nazareth, where He lived, did not believe Him to be the Son of YAHWEH during His public ministry. This is also why the Pharisees in Jerusalem rejected Him, because they knew His family as ‘average folks’ who often came to celebrate the feasts (John 7:27). To them it appeared to be an insult and attack on them that YAHUSHUA would suddenly start proclaiming He was the Son of YAHWEH, in flesh. If you read the posts, ANGELS AMONGST US, and WHAT HAPPENED TO YAHUSHUA’S MOTHER?, then you know that YAHWEH will temporarily suspend the memories of His angels that are incarnated in flesh.

This leads me to my next point. Nothing recorded in the gospels points to YAHUSHUA being A-sexual or celibate. If sexuality is one of YAHWEH’s gifts to us, if sexual diversity is part of YAHWEH’s blessing, if people of both genders are created in YAHWEH’s image—then surely there is the possibility that YAHUSHUA too would have enjoyed this beautiful gift. Remember, He took on our sexual nature. Satan has done a good job perverting that which has been sanctified by YAHWEH. As a result many people, Christians in particular, who are caught up in false doctrines, cannot fathom the thought of YAHUSHUA enjoying a healthy sex life within the confines of marriage. Furthermore, in ancient Hebrew culture it was expected that young men would marry. To not do so would draw unnecessary attention and scorn to a family. How would YAHUSHUA have been able to teach as a Rabbi in His hometown as a single man when it was customary, and expected, that they would have their own families? (The exception would be Rabbi’s who were widowed)

Those who know the Bible will agree that the Gospels tell us that YAHUSHUA enjoys weddings, drinks wine, spends time with women in their houses, ministers to prostitutes, and refuses to censure a woman caught in adultery or a woman with a history of many partners. He allows a woman to bathe His feet at a dinner party and He invites women into His ministry. He had a close, platonic relationship with His sister-in-law Mary Magdalene. He was surely a charismatic man, and it is not difficult to imagine that people fell in love with Him.

YAHUSHUA’s purpose for coming to earth was to destroy the works of darkness, and to be a perfect example for us to follow in order to keep the evil ones from influencing or possessing us. His marriage would have been the PERFECT model and indeed Scripture tells us:

“For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in His mouth:…” (1Pe. 2:22)


This particular piece of information was given to JT and I over the course of many months. But first YAHWEH wanted us to expose the truths about Mary Magdalene and Mother Myriam before taking us to this most controversial topic of whether YAHUSHUA was married. We received dreams, and discernment of various clues. The HOLY SPIRIT moved through me to confirm answers to questions I posed related to this topic.  It took JT and I some time to come to terms with the knowledge that He was married so in a sense He was giving us time to digest all the information. Contrary to secular, popular beliefs, He was not married to Mary Magdalene. 

Mary Magdalene had an older sister who became YAHUSHUA’s wife. I must stop at this point to explain what just happened this very second as I am typing. Up to this point I did not know the name of YAHUSHUA’s wife. I thought I would ask the HOLY SPIRIT again to see if He would lead me to the name, and this time He was ready to share it. He graciously moved through me and led me to the Book of Joshua. Joshua happens to be a type of YAHUSHUA (a foreshadowing). I am humbled beyond words and so moved because I realize He had given JT and me this clue last year, just prior to the first trip we made to Israel! At that time, we of course had not been blessed with all the revelations we have written about these past few months. We were here on a mission at that time to tear down spiritual strongholds.

I proceeded to do a Google search to see who Joshua was married to and in a discourse the name Hannah was mentioned. IMMEDIATELY THE HOLY SPIRIT MOVED THROUGH ME TO INDICATE THAT THE NAME HANNAH WAS THE NAME OF YAHUSHUA’S WIFE! 

The HOLY SPIRIT had instructed JT to pray Hannah’s prayer (1 Sam. 2) at Shiloh when we made our first visit to Israel in 2012. He could have easily led me to the above Samuel Scripture where Hannah is referenced, but He chose the Book of Joshua because Joshua was married to a woman named Hannah (confirmed by the HOLY SPIRIT several times during this typing), and thus would provide further connection to Joshua being a type, or foreshadowing, of YAHUHSUA!

The Hebrew name Hannah means favor and grace.



YAHUSHUA was 18 years old when He married, and Hannah was 16. They had a healthy, loving and intimate relationship that was blessed under the covering of YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT. There were no children born of their union. Both Hannah and Mary Magdalene were barren (this I confirmed many times with the HOLY SPIRIT). And just like her sister Mary, Hannah was also an angel-in-flesh. Mary was six years old when YAHUSHUA married Hannah, and Mary became His disciple at the age of 20, which is the same time she and Apostle John were married (BIBLE LIES PART 1: THE WEDDING AT CANA).

Their marriage was short-lived, seven years to be exact, before YAHWEH took her (seven being YAHWEH’s number of perfection). She passed away peacefully in her sleep. Her death was necessary in order that YAHUSHUA could fulfill the mission He came to accomplish on earth. For seven years after her death, beginning at the age of 25, the HOLY SPIRIT tutored Him and prepared Him for His public ministry, which started when He was 32 years old. In the meantime, He taught in His hometown and YAHWEH restored YAHUSHUA’S memory so He could walk in the full authority and power of His Kingdom while on earth.

Below is an excerpt and the link from the post I referenced above that sheds more light regarding YAHUSHUA’s age at death:  

The HOLY SPIRIT also told me that YAHUSHUA’s public ministry DID NOT last three years but rather eighteen months) and He WAS NOT 33 years old but 34 when He died. If you read the post, BIBLE LIES PART 5: SHAKESPEARE IN THE BIBLE, then you know that the satanic Freemasons use the number 33, and the Bible bears this same reference. Therefore, in order to further insult YAHWEH, these Bible manipulators had to insert in Luke 3:23 that He began His ministry at the age of 30 and record His ministry as lasting three years in order to come up with the number 33! The number 33 is the latitude and longitude of Mount Hermon in Israel, the portal through which the fallen angels came through! This will be covered in more detail if I decide to proceed with the other revelations. The length of His ministry was manipulated to undermine the biblical Prophet Daniel’s time prophecy concerning YAHUSHUA’s Second Coming. Please refer to the excellent short videos on the listed site at bottom that supports the revelation given to me by YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT!

Ministry of YAHUSHUA




JT and I have written many times that every attempt has been made to slander YAHUSHUA’s lineage. Several years ago a book, amongst many others, was published that laid claim to YAHUSHUA being married to Mary Magdalene. At the time, I welcomed the information because I felt I could identify with Him as a person. However, because I was not yet aligned with YAHWEH, YAHUSHUA, and the HOLY SPIRIT, I denounced Him as the ‘Son of God’ because in my mind how could He be divine if He was married? I brought into the spin given in the storyline, which was aimed at preventing people from believing in His Divinity. This is the work of the enemy who through church doctrines (I was raised in a Christian family) did a good job of brainwashing me and controlling my thinking about such things.



As a person living in the flesh, YAHUSHUA breathed and lived life to the fullest. Being married was part of YAHWEH’s blessing – He was to be a model for us to follow, to be just like us. Unfortunately, references to His marriage were purposely not included in the Bible and extra biblical documentation has been destroyed or stored away at the Vatican. Satan and Lilith do not want this part of YAHUSHUA’s life acknowledged, because doing so supports the fact that He was a God incarnated in the flesh (See, ANGELS AMONGST US, for more information).

To be born in the flesh is to partake in everything we do. YAHUSHUA did just that. He ate, slept, bathed, went to the bathroom, interacted with family and friends, was attracted to women and married one, had sexual relations with His wife, etc. You get my point. Yet He was still YAHWEH’s anointed Messiah.

There is so much more to this, folks. I have only given you a snippet because as it is many will struggle with the information that He was married, and many more will rebuke it, so how can I possibly share deeper things with you? I will leave you with a portion of Psalm 45 (8-15) (NIV) that describes a royal wedding, and I ask those with eyes to see (those indwelled with YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT) to ask Him for discernment because it relates to YAHUSHUA. Keep in mind the following phrase: “As above, so below” as you read.

All Your robes are fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia;

from palaces adorned with ivory

the music of the strings makes You glad.

Daughters of kings are among Your honored women;

at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.

Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention:

Forget your people and your father’s house. 

Let the King be enthralled by your beauty;

honor Him, for He is your Lord.

The city of Tyre will come with a gift,

people of wealth will seek your favor.


All glorious is the princess within her chamber;

her gown is interwoven with gold.

In embroidered garments she is led to the King;

her virgin companions follow her—

those brought to be with her. 

Led in with joy and gladness,

they enter the palace of the King.


I am at peace that I shared these revelations with you. May YAHWEH bless you.



 By JT

Ancient Papyrus Proves Jesus Was Married Declared A Forgery


(Disregard the unfavorable image on the site of YAHUSHUA by a tree with a woman. He was dark skin not white). 

The following information relates to a recent news article about an ancient papyrus that states YAHUSHUA was married. It only mentions the name Mary Magdalene along with YAHUSHUA in the same paragraph. It does not explicitly say, “YAHUSHUA and Mary Magdalene were married.” However, this has not stopped academics from ‘assuming’ the papyrus is proof that Mary Magdalene was YAHUSHUA’s wife. Given what the HOLY SPIRIT has revealed to my mom and I, it is easy to see where documentation supporting that YAHUSHUA was married to Mary’s older sister would be twisted to slander his reputation (again). Please carefully consider what is being communicated in the media circus and ask for YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT to help you see through the promulgated lies.

Karen King, from Harvard, believes the papyrus segment was written around 4th century AD. She makes an interesting comment that it was ONLY around this time period when people began to doubt YAHUSHUA was married.

First, let us review the historical ‘experts’ who quickly came to the Vatican’s rescue to refute the claims of YAHUSHUA being married. NONE of them mentions being led by the HOLY SPIRIT but rather they rely on book knowledge alone. Satan re-wrote mankind’s history and has worldwide education systems in his pocket, so we can easily see how worldly knowledge is no match for YAHWEH’s divine knowledge. 

Second, each of the ‘experts’ referenced in the above article is associated with the Nag Hammadi Library in some fashion. While the Nag Hammadi Library contains some truths, as indicated by the HOLY SPIRIT, most of it is garbage that is promoted by secret societies. Per the usual modus operandi, Satan’s agents on Earth mixed a good measure of lies with glamorized truth. The following excerpt taken directly from Nag-Hammadi.com sums up the growing discontentment with ideologies that are being peddled across various denominations and political boundaries:

“55 years after the miraculous discovery, the controversy still rages on, and the analysis of the texts continues to represent a source of contention. The collection has spawned several books and essays: from interpretations with a Rosicrucian bias to accusations of the religious community being sworn to silence. Scientists continue to raise questions about the exact repercussions of such a discovery.”

1. Stephen Emmel: He was one of the main proponents of the Gnostic Gospel of Judas and he has a self-serving write-up on the National Geographic channel. For those who have never heard of the Gospel of Judas, it depicts Judas as a mere scapegoat who was used by YAHUSHUA in order to fulfill divine needs – leading people to believe he was an innocent bystander in the whole affair of YAHUSHUA’s crucifixion. Here is a direct quote from Mr. Emmel:

“We can all be grateful to the National Geographic Society for its effort to rescue this unique artifact for the good of science and for posterity.”


This man does not seem concerned with YAHUSHUA’s Truth, so long as his findings support scientific progress.

2. Alin Suciu: He worked with the Vatican in 2007. And according to his personal interests listed on his Curriculum Vitae, Gnosticism (Occult) bleeds through heavily in his work:

“Early Christianity, Gnosticism, Coptic literature and manuscripts, Ethiopic literature and manuscripts, paleography & codicology, Patristics, manuscript transmission of Patristic texts.”


3. David Gill: This ‘expert’ has an unabashed obsession with Rome. On his personal website he listed a poem that gives glory to Rome and ‘Hadrian.’ For those unaware, ‘Hadrian’ was a narcissistic homosexual emperor in 117 AD, at whose temple the remains of Mother Myriam were buried  (WHAT HAPPENED TO YAHUSHUA’S MOTHER?)

By the Tower of the Wind, September 2001


I put my trust in what YAHWEH’s HOLY SPIRIT, the SPIRIT of Truth, tells me. And if He says YAHUSHUA was married then why would I need to listen to intellectuals spout their biased opinions. Even their quoted comments within the article sound like brainwash psychology 101, where the audience is fed negative words and phrases by ‘experts’ to make those who believe in the document’s authenticity feel foolish.

“I would say it’s a forgery. The script doesn’t look authentic.” – Alin Suciu

“There are thousands of scraps of papyrus where you find crazy things. It can be anything.” – Wolf-Peter Funk

“There are all sorts of really dodgy things about this. This looks to me as if any sensible, responsible academic would keep their distance from it.” – David Gill


Remember, many of these ‘academic experts’ are wolves in sheep’s clothing!!


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